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Heating Controls Upgrades In Dublin

Upgrade Your Central Heating Controls & Stop Wasting Money

Upgrade your mechanical time switch with modern heating controls

If you’re a Dublin resident and an old mechanical time switch is the only heating control you have in your house, it's time to upgrade.

You can save a lot of money by burning your gas or oil only when and where you need it - so no more heating the whole house when you only need hot water, and no more wastefully heating bedrooms during the day.

With modern central heating systems, you can control your water and heating separately, plus always achieve the right temperature at the right time and place.

Heating Controls Upgrades: Costs & Grants

Heating controls upgrades can save up to 30% of your annual heating bill, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your home with much less effort. Not only that, but part of the cost will be covered by grants available from SAIE's Better Energy Homes scheme.

With our specialist heating controls upgrades service in Dublin, you will get the following devices installed (depending on your heating system):

Multi Zone Heating Control

Multi zone heating control

With this device, your home heating is split into multiple zones such as Upstairs + Downstairs + Hot Water - and each zone is controlled independently by a programmable digital timer.

You will be able to heat only the hot water, or have a different temperature set for your bedrooms and living area by controlling each zone based on your lifestyle. Your boiler will only be on when absolutely necessary - saving you money and protecting the environment.

We work with high quality products from Cork based EPH - a recognised leader in helping you take control of your central heating systems. EPH provide a digital and remotely controllable version of your old mechanical time switch, making your entire central heating much more cost-efficient.

This advanced technology controls your heating and hot water separately, and you can also adjust all the settings on your smartphone, tablet or computer - even when you’re not at home.

Radiator Thermostatic Valves

Radiator Thermostats

Each radiator will be fitted with a thermostat that controls the amount of water that goes through it. When the room reaches your ideal temperature set on the radiator, it will automatically turn off the heating for that room and that room only.

This will ensure that the temperature is always perfect in each room, while you only heat as much water in the system as you need to. How about that for saving both money and the planet?

Why Choose Duffy Heating?

We Treat Your Home Like Our Own


We believe in high quality workmanship, respect for your home and great customer service. We’ll also ensure you get the best available products and materials on every job, so our work will stand the test of time.

We Always Ring Your Doorbell On Time


Your time is important. When you make an appointment, you can be sure we will be there on time every time.

We Are Available When You Need Us Most


Leaks or breakdowns happen. However, we’re very attentive to our customers’ needs, so all you need to do is call us and we’ll quickly come out to get your heating back on. We maintain a flexible schedule and will always arrange the most convenient time to visit.

Usually The First Visit Does It


When it comes to boiler replacement, we’ve been there and done it. Since 1998 we’ve been fitting and repairing all kinds of gas and oil heating systems, and a van full of quality parts means your problem can be quickly and expertly diagnosed and fixed.

A Clean Job With Minimal Disruption


Treating your home as if it were our own also means there is no mess left behind. We arrive, finish your work in the most efficient way possible - then get out of your way after cleaning up and taking out our rubbish.

We Are Fully Registered And Insured


We are registered gas and oil heating installers, and are also registered with SEAI. This means that grants are available for qualifying heating upgrades installed by us. We are also fully insured for your complete safety.

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