SEAI Heating Upgrade Grants In Dublin

We Complete & Submit Your SEAI Grant Application For You

If you’re a Dublin resident, then upgrading your heating system with an SEAI grant will help you save money year-after-year.

Our dedicated service means we’ll not only help you upgrade to advanced heating controllers, but will also assist you in completing and submitting your SEAI grant application paperwork on your behalf - so you get an automatic discount on your efficient and cost-effective home heating installation.

Making your home more energy efficient is good for the environment, so in addition to your SEAI grant, you can also get Carbon Credits from selected energy providers for upgrading your system. We partner with all relevant energy organisations to make it easy for you to receive these discounts for modernising your central heating.

Your Heating Grant Is Automatically Deducted From The Price You Pay

Central heating grants are available for different types of home energy improvements, including heating upgrades controls and solar panels, and are awarded by the SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme.

Securing your heating grant is easy - your discount is automatically deducted from the price you pay us. We complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf, then just pass on the considerable cost saving to you in your final bill. It has never been simpler or more cost effective to upgrade your central heating system.

So if you live in Dublin and have outdated, inefficient heating controls - why wait to upgrade when money is no longer an issue?

Contact Duffy Heating today and we’ll help you modernise your central heating system, get the relevant SEAI grant funding - then save even more money for years to come with new, highly efficient heating controls. It’s also great for the environment too, so this is a win-win all round.

Carbon Credits For Dublin Residents

As well as receiving your SEAI grant, Dublin householders can also benefit from Carbon Credits - which are available from your energy provider and are automatically deducted from your installation cost too. These are calculated based on the estimated yearly savings you make by upgrading your heating to a new modernised system.

Just another reason to choose to upgrade your aging central heating, Carbon Credits are a great way to save even more money on your home heating costs in the future.

Contact Duffy Heating For Help With Your SEAI Grant Application

SEAI grants and Carbon Credits - combined with lifelong efficiency savings and a positive environmental impact, mean there has never been a better time to upgrade your old heating controls.

Get in touch right now on 087 122 1728 and our specialists will be happy to attend your home and supply you with a no obligation quote to upgrade your central heating. You can also click here to contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.