Boiler Replacement Services in Clonsilla, Dublin

Duffy Heating is a trusted name in home heating services and has served families in Clonsilla since 1998.

We are industry experts in boiler installations and boiler replacements. We have helped hundreds of clients save money by upgrading their old boilers.

Moving to a modern system is the best way to ensure your comfort, safety and lower your costs long-term.

Duffy Heating has a reputation for giving its clients honest advice on the best types of boilers for their home.

We work across homes in Clonsilla and the surrounding areas, including Balbriggan, Lucan, Ongar, Blanchardstown, and Swords.

Professional Boiler Replacement Services for Homeowners

Many people don’t realise that they can save up to €400 per year by replacing their boiler. At Duffy Heating, we are often able to complete the upgrade in just one visit to your home.

Combi boilers are a fantastic investment for people who want to save money, ensure energy efficiency and access hot water instantly.

There are many options with combi boilers. You can choose which rooms you heat up and when. Depending on the type of combi boiler, you can control your heating from your phone using a custom app.

Heating controls are a really important aspect of modern heating solutions. Duffy Heating is a leading operator of heating control upgrades. We have worked with countless families to incorporate bespoke controls based on their needs.

Whether you need hot water cylinder immersion heater timers, hot water cylinder thermostats, or radiator thermostatic valves, we have got you covered.

We’ve worked in both old and modern homes in Clonsilla to bring their heating systems up to date. There’s nothing we don’t know about upgrading heating systems!

Many homeowners want the ability to monitor their heating system remotely. This is now possible with an app which can control time switches and thermostats in different rooms. Your Clonsilla home could also have one of the best modern innovations in home heating!

Heating Systems – Bespoke Upgrades and Replacements

Our decades of experience in the home heating sector means that you can trust us to complete the work quickly and safely.

Our guarantee to you is that we treat your home as we would treat our own homes, and this is why we have so many loyal customers.

We are RGII registered gas installers and OFTEC registered gas installers. If you want to use your energy credits under the Better Energy Homes scheme, you will be happy to know that we are partners of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

We can carry out heating control upgrades as part of this scheme so you can trust that you’re investing safely in your home.

With the heating grant, you will receive an automatic discount from the cost of your upgrade. We will complete the documentation and you can enjoy major savings.

In addition to boiler replacements, we offer regular and reasonably priced boiler servicing. According to the SEAI, a non-serviced boiler can waste energy by as much as 10% in 4 years.

Your home and your family deserve the best. Whether you are based in Clonsilla, Balbriggan, Lucan, Swords or the surrounding areas, you can be confident in choosing Duffy Heating.

For more information on our range of services or to simply discuss the heating requirements for your home, contact our team directly or call for a friendly chat today on 087 122 1728.

From boiler repairs to heating upgrades, we look forward to working with you soon.