Looking for reputable boiler replacement services in Dublin? At Duffy Heating, we are an experienced team of boiler replacement specialists, with a core focus on combi gas boilers and heating control upgrades for homes of all types.

Our modern approach to boiler services not only means that our customers are in safe hands when it comes to a replacement, but we’re also able to bring a home into the 21st century with heating control solutions (so that heating your home has never been easier).

Read on for more information about exactly when you should replace your boiler and why our team can provide the expert services you require. For any burning questions you may have please head to the contact form or call our friendly team directly on 087 122 1728.

Dublin Boiler Replacement Services

When to know your boiler needs to be replaced

If you’ve searched this question directly, then you’ve no doubt been served various answers to the question, all of which may be slightly different. Governing bodies such as the SEAI recommend a boiler replacement after the 15-year mark, however commercial companies such as British Gas claim that a replacement shouldn’t just be based off of the age of the boiler. So, how do you know when the time is right?

Ultimately, you will know if your boiler is causing you and your home problems. Whether that’s frequent breakage, energy bills that are slowly getting higher, or even if it’s starting to look like your boiler has seen better days, the best way to know for sure about your replacement is to get in touch with a specialist who can provide impartial advice.

Choosing a boiler replacement provider

We’ve been in businesses since 1998, and pride ourselves on being able to help our customers in a friendly and professional manner. We have the knowledge to deal with even the most obscure of boiler issues, and our team will offer impartial advice to any homeowners who are simply stuck about what to do next.

We’re also incredibly proud to offer the integrated heating controls solutions, so that our customers can manage their home temperature with ease.

It’s also cheaper to have your boiler replaced, rather than to keep paying for fixes and repairs, so if your boiler is causing you trouble then get in touch with our team at Duffy Heating today.

Dublin gas boiler services you can rely on

Whether you’re at the point of ringing several Dublin boiler replacement specialists and don’t know who to choose, or are simply confused about where to begin on the path to getting a new boiler, we’d be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

We’re a transparent and friendly team, and we always have the best interests of our customers at the heart of what we do. And, whether that’s replacing a boiler, installing heating control solutions, or simply discussing the types of grants available for Dublin residents, we’re happy to talk you through it.

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