Why We Recommend Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers

If you need to replace your boiler, it can be tricky to decide which new make and model to go for. Since we started our heating business in 1998, we’ve come across several makes of domestic boiler. As with any brands, each has its own good and less-good points; however the manufacturer that’s consistently impressed us is Ideal Boilers.

This award-winning firm is Ireland’s most popular make of boiler, and it’s easy to see why. Their systems are reliable, energy-efficient and are excellent value, and from our perspective, really straightforward to get up and running. They also have models specifically designed to work in Irish homes.

When we carry out our boiler replacement service, we regularly recommend our Dublin customers go for a new Ideal Logic series boiler. Here’s a bit more about Ideal, and why we rate their Logic series so highly.

About Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers is one of Ireland and the UK’s oldest heating firms. Originally called the National Radiator Company, the Hull-based company became Ideal Boilers in 1906: that’s over a century of expertise in heating homes.

In the 1920s, Ideal was at the forefront of making the domestic boiler more, well, domestic, pioneering the move of the boiler from basement to kitchen. Their innovative Cookanheat combined a central heating boiler with an oven, open fire and warming cupboard, and helped to bring heat into lower-income homes. The company also always had an eye for style: their 1930s O Series of water heating boilers actually came in a choice of finishes.

Ideal continued to innovate over the next few years, adding thermostats and making the units more and more compact. The 1960s was a big decade for Ideal, as they expanded into Ireland. By 2019, they had 40% of the market share in domestic boilers in Ireland.

The Ideal Boiler For The Irish Market

The Logic range of domestic boilers was first launched in 2009. Reliable, quiet, and running at over 90% efficiency, this compact unit soon became a bestselling boiler. It’s proven especially popular with the Irish domestic heating market.

One of the many reasons we like Ideal is that they’ve never taken a one-size-fits-all approach to their products. They’ve adapted the Logic series to create the Logic System IE range of boilers, which suits the needs of the Irish market. They work with low system pressures, thanks to a water flow sensor that’s fitted into the pipe flow assembly, allowing it to operate at low pressure. It comes with boiler frost protection, and weather compensation kits are available – perfect for the Irish climate.

The sleek and compact styles of the Logic series, especially the combi models, make them perfect for installation in Dublin’s apartments and town houses. Ideal, you might say.

Ideal Boilers From Duffy Heating

At Duffy Heating, we mainly work with two types of Ideal boilers: the Ideal Logic System Boiler and the Ideal Logic Combi boiler. Efficient, effective and inexpensive, we’ve been really impressed with both. If it’s time to get a new boiler (and we’ll talk more about this in a minute), we have no hesitation in recommending these hard-working models.

Here’s the top line spec for both these boilers.

The Ideal Logic System Boiler

Ideal Logic System IE gas boiler

The Ideal Logic System boiler works hard – but you won’t even know it’s there. It’s one of the only boilers in Ireland and the UK to receive Quiet Mark accreditation, in recognition of its discreet operation. If it’s being installed in your house or flat, you won’t have to worry about a lot of instructive background noise.

  • Its features and benefits include:
  • A compact fit that can fit in a cupboard
  • Service indicators
  • Compatible with a range of controls
  • Built-in first protection
  • A generous 7-year warranty
  • As we mentioned earlier, designed with Irish installation in mind

It’s compatible with a range of thermostats and timers, including the Touch Heat & System RF Thermostat. We can also add the Weather Compensation Kit. This enables your heating to be extremely responsive to the ever-changing Irish weather. The kit allows the boiler to measure the outside temperature, and adjust the flow rate to your radiators accordingly.

The Ideal Logic Combi Boiler

Ideal Combi IE gas boiler

Again, this sleek-looking model has the Quiet Mark for its operating noise levels (or lack of), and is our most popular combi boiler. It’s extremely compact, fitting neatly into your kitchen units.

As well as its neat size and quiet operation, the features and benefits of the Ideal Logic Combi IE include:

  • A handy pre-heat function
  • An easy-to-see pressure gauge
  • A simple, fully backlit LCD display
  • A generous 7-year warranty
  • Frost protection
  • Compatible with Touch RF and Touch Connect
  • Designed especially for the Irish market

As with the System edition, you can choose to add the Weather Compensation Kit, which measures the outside temperature and adjusts the flow rate to your radiators.

It can work with Ideal’s Touch Combi thermostat, which has a colour touch screen and is super-easy to use. It’s also compatible with the innovative Touch Connect, an app-based controller that puts you in charge of your heating and hot water wherever you are, via smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is a great way of managing your energy use efficiently.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there are heating control upgrade grants available. The Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland offers home energy grants, including up to €750 for new, energy-saving heating controls. Because Duffy Heating is SEAI registered, we can help you apply for the grant (we’ll even complete the paperwork for you). Read our heating grants page to find out how we can help you apply for a grant.

It’s always worth thinking about switching to a combi boiler like this efficient Ideal model. As well as all the benefits outlined above, a combi boiler does away with the need for cumbersome tanks, freeing up space in your home. It’s also cheaper to manage your heating and hot water bills if they’re controlled separately.

How Switching To A New Ideal Boiler Will Save You Money

If your boiler’s causing you problems, or your heating bills have gone through the roof, it’s time to think about a new boiler. All boilers have a lifespan, and if yours is ten years old or more, it could be time to replace it with a new and efficient model.

A brand new, energy-efficient boiler, like these two A-rated series from Ideal, could save you up to 40% on your annual gas bill.

Back in 2009 when the Logic series was first introduced, it was praised for achieving over 90% efficiency. These days, it’s even higher. If your boiler’s been ticking over for a decade or more, the changes are that it’s only 60-70% efficient – that’s not good for your bank balance or the environment.

A new Ideal boiler will soon pay for itself as you’ll only pay for what you use – not what you use plus what you waste. With the grant available for new controls to accompany your boiler, the initial outlay may be less than you think.

If you live in a smaller property, an Ideal combi boiler is a cost-effective way to heat your water, as it heats only the water you need without heating up the whole tank. It also does away with the said tank, freeing up your old airing cupboard or loft for extra living or storage space.

How To Upgrade To A New Ideal Boiler

To find out more about our boiler replacement service, please get in touch with us at Duffy Heating. We’ve been replacing old, worn out systems with shiny new Ideal boilers for years, and it’s usually a really quick and simple job, carried out with minimal disruption.

If you’re moving house or carrying out renovation work, it’s a great time to start from scratch with a reliable new system.

We’ll come and have a look at your current system and property, and have a chat with you about which boiler and controls would be the best for your home. We work with homeowners and landlords in Dublin and the surrounding area, and we’re always happy to come round for a no-obligation quote and discussion.

Over the years, we’ve been really impressed with how Ideal boilers have performed, and we think it’s especially great that they’ve been adapted with Irish systems in mind. Our customers are always delighted with their efficient new Ideal boilers, and that generous 7-year warranty they offer is an extra bonus.

Contact us today to find out more about how a new Ideal boiler will help you.

Published: 10 January 2020

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