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What Size Gas Boiler Do I need For My Home in Ireland?

What size boiler do I need?

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need to replace a boiler. It could be because your heating bills are skyrocketing, spare parts are no longer available, or regular repairs are becoming a financial burden.

But whatever the cause, choosing a boiler of the right size is vital.

In the past, installers recommended that homeowners choose over-sized boilers to compensate for heat loss. Advances in technology, however, mean that that is no longer necessary, and could harm overall efficiency, pushing your bills up. If you’re not sure about what size gas boiler you need for your home, take a look at the guide below.

How To Choose The Right Size Boiler For Your Home

In general, there are three kinds of boiler. Combi boilers are gas-fired systems that provide hot water on-demand for the heating, taps, and shower. Heat-only boilers, by contrast, makeuse of an external hot water tank, allowing you to run multiple hot water taps at once. And system boilers are similar to heat-only but integrate all of the external components onto the unit.

Most modern homes in Ireland use system gas boilers with a hot water press. They come in a range of power outputs, each of which is suitable for different settings.

  • 15-18 kW system gas boilers. System gas boilers in this range are most common in small flats and apartments. Typically, they generate enough energy to power a hot water cylinder and up to ten regular-sized radiators.
  • 18-24 kW system gas boilers. You tend to find these boilers in three to four-bedroom houses. They provide enough energy for the hot water press and up to fifteen radiators.
  • 30 kW and larger system gas boilers. These boilers are the largest in the range, providing sufficient power for over twenty average radiators on top of the hot water tank.

Here, you’ll need roughly 1.5kW per radiator in your home, and 3kW or more for your hot water tank (data also applies as standard for the majority of average-sized homes in Ireland).

Combi boilers need more power to provide you with instant hot water, they tend to start at 24kW. Combi boilers, however, don’t cope well with more than one shower running at once. If you live in a large home, therefore, a heat-only or system boiler may be the better option.

Servicing or Upgrading Your Boiler

There are all kinds of reasons to get a boiler upgrade with a boiler replacement service.

First, an upgrade lets you improve the efficiency of your heating. Modern gas boiler manufacturers have dramatically improved the quality of their units, allowing them to heat more water with less energy input.

Second, it allows you to avoid costly emergency repairs. Many standard mid-range boilers on the market today come with five-year-plus warranties. Premium models offer up to ten years cover, no questions asked. Even budget boilers come with manufacturer protection for a couple of years, giving you peace of mind.

Third, it helps you to increase the space in your home. Older boilers are typically large and cumbersome and get in the way. Newer models consolidate all the components into a smaller space, giving you more room.

The benefits of a boiler replacement service, therefore, are considerable. You can reduce your energy bills, get peace of mind and can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home. What’s not to love?

For more information regarding boiler replacement and heating upgrades, contact a friendly member of the Duffy Heating team today on 087 122 172.

Published: 31 March 2020

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