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Should You Be Leaving Your Boiler On All Day?

Should I leave my boiler on all day?​​​​​​

This is a common question that we get here at Duffy Heating, and the short answer is no. It is not more efficient to have your boiler on constantly at a low temperature.

The idea that it saves you money seems to be an urban myth that grew in popularity. It may seem logical that a small amount of heat throughout the day will keep your house warm. However, additional experts say that this is more wasteful and more expensive in the long run.

But, where did the idea of leaving your boiler on all day actually come from, and why is it something that homeowners tend to do?

It may seem logical that a small amount of heat throughout the day will keep your house warm and keep bills down as you’re technically using less energy across the day, however it’s important to understand just how much energy can be lost throughout the day too.

By leaving your boiler on all day, you’re not maximising the efficiency of your home as there is always going to be some form of heat depletion, regardless of the efficiency of your internal insulation.

Naturally, you’re also then losing money as your heat is depleting across the day, and you’re overusing what is required to heat your home. The best solution in place of leaving your boiler on all day is to time your heating to come on earlier, especially in the morning, to then ensure your house is warm once you’re up.

If you find that your house is immediately cold again once the heating is either turned down or switched off entirely, then this may be indicative of a larger issue related to insulation, especially in older homes.

This brings us to the wider question of, if leaving your boiler on all day doesn’t lead to increased efficiency or energy saving from a monetary sense, then just how can you keep your costs low with ease?

Keeping your energy costs low

Behind the question ‘should my boiler be running all the time’ is the real question: how can I keep my energy costs as low as possible? There are many ways to keep your house running as efficiently as possible.

Realistically, the most effective way to keep your energy costs as low as possible is to ensure that your boiler is working at its maximum efficiency. There are 3 key areas that you need to think about.

First, heat only the areas in your house that need heating (so no all-day heating if it’s not essential). Second, use timers to your advantage. And third, alternate your temperature settings based on the room you want to heat.

It’s easy to see how energy costs can add up, especially for larger houses with multiple rooms and appliances on constant use throughout the day.

Taking the time to logically approach heating in your home and only doing so to the parts of the home that actually need to be heated is one of the best first steps you can take.

With all of this being said, unless your boiler is in the best possible condition, you are unlikely to be able enjoy any of the savings.

Maximising your boiler’s efficiency

Although keeping your boiler on all day may be tempting, it’s definitely not advisable. However, there are several ways that you can save big on your home heating bills.

Consider whether smart heating controls would be an option for your house. These multi-zone heating controls can be life changing and can save you up to 30% on your annual heating bills. It’s now possible to integrate your heating system with smart home technologies. There are also options to control your heating from your phone.

Leaving your boiler on all day will definitely waste money, but switching to a combi-boiler has multiple benefits. You could save up to €400 a year by switching to this new system.

An environmentally friendly solution to alternative forms of heating, combi boilers can save many homeowners both time and up to €400 a year as a modern solution to heating in the home.

Your heating and hot water will be controlled separately, and you can enjoy immediate hot water.

If neither of these options would be suitable for you, consider getting a gas boiler replacement.

You may qualify for some heating grants which are a fantastic way of obtaining further assistance in financing your home heating upgrade. Older boilers work at just 60-70% capacity. A new boiler will give you minimum 90% efficiency and that can be guaranteed by your heating installation professional.

In short: Don’t believe common energy myths!

The mystery of keeping your house warm and energy bills low really isn’t a mystery at all. The advice always remains the same. Keep your heating bills as low as possible by using a combination of heating controls, combi boilers or simply replace your boiler if it isn’t working to it's full potential.

If in doubt, drop us a message to get a free estimate and we can continue to bust those myths!

Published: 5 October 2020

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