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Are gas boilers going to be phased out in Dublin?

Are gas boilers going to be phased out in Dublin?

Is it true that gas boilers are going to be phased out in Dublin?

While gas boilers are not being installed in new-build homes, they will not be phased out for many years. Over 80% of all Irish homes are powered by either oil or gas boilers. For many houses, newer heating solutions are not a feasible option.

Homeowners are under no obligation to replace their existing gas boilers. Approximately 20,000 homes are built per year in Ireland and there are over 2 million homes in the country. New homes are being fitted with new heating technologies but it’s likely to be many decades before all houses are retrofitted.

The cheapest and best option for the majority of homeowners is to upgrade their original gas boilers to ensure they are working at maximum efficiency. Click here to view how easy it can be to upgrade your existing gas boiler.

Are the alternatives to gas boilers any better?

It’s not possible to say that the alternatives to gas boilers are better. It depends entirely on a number of factors. It’s certainly not cost effective to replace your gas boiler unless your home is optimised for the new system.

Another issue presented by non-gas boilers is how they heat larger and older homes. They can prove more costly than they are worth. Every house is different and it’s important to know the right system for your home.

Many homeowners have been saving money and the environment by turning to combi-boilers. With savings of up to €400 per year and an efficient system that you can control from your smartphone, find out if it’s an option for you.

Some of the alternative new heating systems (such as heat pumps) are inefficient for wet heating systems. They are often not a viable alternative to gas boilers when it comes to efficiency in supplying hot water or heating radiators.

It’s important to remember that new homes are always better insulated than older homes. Heat pumps are ideal for newly built properties but often don’t suit the heating requirements of older homes.

Should you be looking to replace your gas boiler?

No, you don’t need to replace your existing gas boiler. The new technology is unlikely to be widely adopted in many types of older houses.

The Climate Action report published in 2019 states that gas boilers are still a cheaper option compared to the newer forms of heating technology.

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t replace your gas boiler with a new form of heating system. The cheapest, most efficient and most environmentally appropriate option is to upgrade or replace your existing boiler to a newer version.

Modern boilers can achieve significant savings on an annual basis. Heating accounts for 60% of your annual energy bills and you will feel the difference with a new boiler.

A new boiler emits a third less carbon dioxide and is optimised to run at a minimum of 90% fuel efficiency.

Gas boilers are here to stay

There is no immediate or pressing need to throw out your old boiler. It’s likely to be years before the technology is widely implemented. To keep your costs low and to keep your house warm, the best advice is to still to maintain your existing boiler.

Newer heating systems can prove expensive and inefficient for many existing homes. An investment in a new form of technology is not guaranteed to deliver any returns.

However, a modern gas boiler reduces CO2 emissions and can help you save big on your heating bills.

Get regular services to make sure you’re getting the best value for money and check if you qualify for any heating grants as part of a system upgrade.

Duffy Heating are experts in home heating solutions and have been safely managing the heating of Dublin homes since 1998. Get in touch with us today to answer all your home heating questions.

Published: 4 September 2020

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